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10 Ways to Look Better in Your Profile Pic [Tips for Men]

There’s no getting around it – your profile picture is one of the most critical pieces of your online persona. It’s the first thing people see, and it can make or break whether someone decides to reach out to you.

But don’t worry – we’re here to help. We asked a professional photographer some questions, and here are 10 tips for looking better in your profile picture:


10 Ways to Look Better in Your Profile Pic

A genuine smile will make you look friendly and attractive. Smiling also makes you look younger and friendlier.

Try to smile with your eyes as well as your mouth.

The smile should extend all the way to your eyes, not just to your lips. Find the best way to show your teeth. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it can make.

Practice your smile in the mirror.

Practice makes perfect, and you’ll learn to smile in a way that looks genuine and attractive. Once you’ve got the smile down, take some test shots with your camera.

Don’t force it!

If you’re not smiling naturally, keep trying until you find a smile that’s genuine and attractive.

If you’re unsure what to do with your face, just smile. A genuine smile will always make you look better than a forced smile or no smile at all.

Look straight into the camera lens.

Many men look off to the side or down slightly in their profile photos.

While this conveys some degree of modesty, it also makes you look like you’re hiding something. A better approach is to look straight into your camera lens with your head held high.

Looking straight into the camera lens will help you avoid that dreaded “deer-in-the-headlights” look and give you a more confident appearance. 

Be sure to hold the camera at eye level – slightly above or below can make you look weak, and looking down at the camera can make you look bossy.

Looking into the camera lens will make you look more confident and approachable. Avoid the temptation to look down or off to the side – both of which indicate that you’re shy or less confident than your profile picture suggests.

Compose yourself by imagining a point on the horizon in front of you. Keep looking at this imaginary point until you feel comfortable in your pose.

Don’t try to stand out from the crowd.

In general, it’s better to look natural and realistic than it is to look unattainable or cartoonish.

Try to look like yourself, but leave out the unflattering bits. For example, consider your camera angle and what aspect of you should be shown in your profile pic. If you’re overweight, wearing a low-cut shirt may not be the best idea if you want to look more attractive online.

Remember that people make first impressions based on your profile picture, so your first impression must be as attractive as possible.

It’s important to be yourself in your profile pic – a genuine shot of who you are will impress people much more than a perfect-looking photo that doesn’t match your personality. Your profile picture is who you are.

Don’t Photoshop yourself.

profile pic

In general, pictures of models and movie stars are Photoshopped to within an inch of their lives – but that’s not a good idea for a dating profile or a social media pic!

Most people will be able to tell if you’ve Photoshopped yourself, and it’s usually a turn-off.

It makes you look like you’re trying too hard, and people don’t want to date or be friends with someone who’s constantly trying to look their best.

If you do need to touch up your photo, try to make it as realistic as possible.

Crop out unflattering portions of the picture, but leave the rest of the image looking natural. Don’t change your face or body shape – doing so will make you look fake and put off potential friends or dates.

Instead, focus on making minor adjustments to make you look your best. For example, you could change the contrast, color balance, or other aspects of your picture to make it flattering.

Sit up straight!

Bad posture can make you look tired or unprofessional. Sitting up straight will give you a more confident appearance.

Generally, it’s important to look put-together and professional in your profile picture. This doesn’t mean you must wear a suit – just ensure you’re not slouching or looking tired.

Bad posture will make you look lazy or unprofessional. Sitting up straight will help you look more confident and put together.

To ensure you’re sitting up straight, recline a bit and then sit up as straight as possible. Then take a picture of yourself!

Be careful about using filters.

Filters are a great way to add personality to your profile pic, but be careful about using too many or the wrong kind.

For example, over-the-top filters like cartoonish filters or those that make you look like a different man can be a turn-off. If you’re going to use filters, try to stick to subtle filters that make you look a little better without changing your appearance too much.

Be sure to use the same filter for all of your profile pictures so that people get a sense of who you are.

Avoid using too many filters. Some filters make you look like a different guy, and not in a good way. Avoid filters that change your appearance too much or that make you look like you’re trying too hard. 

Be aware of your surroundings.

Your profile pic should be a good representation of who you are, so be sure to choose a background and setting that reflects your personality.

For example, if you’re outdoorsy, consider taking your profile picture in a natural setting like a park or the beach. If you’re more into fashion, try a studio setting or a well-lit outdoor area.

Ways to Look Better in Your Profile Pic

Think about the mood you’re trying to create with your profile picture, and choose a background that supports it.

It’s essential to take your picture in a location that puts you and the background in the best possible light.

For example, if it’s sunny outside, don’t pose for your picture under an overhang or next to a window where your face will be mainly in shadow. Be aware of how different parts of your face look when exposed to varying types of light.

The best time to take an indoor profile picture is in the early evening when the natural light is softer.

Dress to impress!

Look your best by wearing flattering clothes in your profile pic. You don’t have to go overboard – just wear something that makes you look your best.

Try wearing a nice shirt and some slacks. Button-ups and polo shirts work well as long as they’re not too busy or distracting.

Dress nicely for your picture so that people will see you as a put-together man. Avoid clothing with logos or strange patterns.

If you’re more daring, consider adding accessories. If you have a nice watch that won’t get in the way of your face, for example, try wearing it to draw attention to yourself.

Dress nicely but avoid using too many distracting or flashy accessories. It’s best not to wear anything that will cover up most of your face, like hats or sunglasses.

Pay attention to your hair and beard.

Take the time to groom yourself so that you look your best in your profile pic. Start with a clean-shaven face if possible. If you have facial hair, keep it trimmed and neat.

If you’re growing out your beard or making any other significant changes, wait until after you have done before taking your profile picture. That way, people will get an accurate representation of how you look.

Keep your hair neat and styled so that it looks good in your profile pic. If you wear glasses, be sure to get them cleaned before you take your picture.

Consider getting a haircut before taking your next picture, especially if it’s been a while since your last one. Ensure its current length isn’t distracting or covering up too much of your face when viewed from the side.

Try to use a product (gel/wax/etc.) on your hair if you can. Also, ensure you don’t have food in your teeth or strange facial hair.

Don’t neglect your beard! If you have a beard, ensure it’s neatly trimmed and not falling into your mouth. Make sure that your hair and beard look neat and tidy in your profile picture. This will show that you take pride in your appearance.

Take lots of pictures!

The best way to find a profile picture that looks good is to take lots of pictures and then pick the best one. This way, you’ll have various pictures to choose from, and you can select the one that looks the best.

take photo

It’s also a good idea to get someone else to take your picture. This way, you can be sure that you’re in the best position and that your face is framed well.

Ask a friend to take your picture so that you can be sure to get a good one. Take lots of pictures and choose the best one to use as your profile picture. Try different poses, smiles, and angles to find out which one looks the best.

Wear different outfits so that you have lots of options to choose from.

You can always go back and take more pictures if you still haven’t found one that looks good.

Try to take your picture in front of a plain background like a wall or sheet in addition to the ones with a nice backdrop. This will help people focus on you and your appearance, not on your surroundings, and are helpful for profile pictures on professional networking sites.

In general, try to avoid busy backgrounds or ones with many people in them. They can be distracting and make it hard for people to focus on you.

Try different backgrounds to see which ones work best.


Your profile picture is an essential piece of your digital identity. This small square can make or break a first impression, which is why it’s so important to take the time and put in the effort to get it right.

We hope this article has given you some great ideas for looking better in your profile pic. Remember, the most important thing is that you are comfortable with yourself and confident about what people see when they meet you online!

What tips do you have for looking better in your profile pic? Please share them in the comments below!