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How to Make Life Easier for Men with These 100 Simple Tips

Life hacks are the best. They help us save time, money, and effort when doing things that can be done more simply.

Do you need some tips to make your life easier? Do you want a few pointers on how to up your game and be the man of the house? Life is full of little tricks that can make it much easier.

Here are 10 different categories of life hacks and tips to help you get through your day! 

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Grooming Hacks

The following section is a collection of the best grooming hacks for men. We all know that it can be challenging to find time to groom as a man, but these tips will help you maintain your appearance without spending hours in front of the mirror each morning. With this list, you’ll have more time to spend with your family and friends!

Use beard oil instead of aftershave.

In the past, men would splash on some Aqua Velva or Bay Rum to mask their manly sweat and cover up any odor they might have. However, many aftershaves contain alcohol, which can dry out your skin over time. If you’re going for a more natural option, try using a few drops of beard oil instead! It acts as an astringent and moisturizer at the same time. This prevents clogged pores and rashes, as well as razor burns. Plus, it smells better than those old stores!

Use hair conditioner as shaving cream.

Although you might not think of it immediately, a hair conditioner can be an excellent substitute for shaving cream. It’s an excellent moisturizer and provides a layer of protection against the blade. If you have sensitive skin or just want to try something new, give this hack a shot!

Make your toothpaste out of baking soda and coconut oil.

If you’re looking for a natural way to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile, try making homemade toothpaste. Get some baking soda and mix it with coconut oil. It’s that simple! You might need to find a container that works as a mixing bowl and storage solution, but the ingredients are easy to find. Just make sure that you don’t use too much coconut oil. It has a low melting point, so your mix might get runny if it gets too hot.

Fix dandruff by using conditioner as shampoo.

Shampoo usually dries out your hair, especially if it’s been used frequently. The same goes for your scalp, which is why dandruff occurs in the first place! This hack gives your hair and scalp a moisture boost without stripping them entirely of their natural oils. Just apply a dollop of conditioner all over your head and let it sit for a bit before rinsing it out – you might be amazed at how great your hair looks afterward!

The best way to get a good shave is with a double-edge safety razor.

A double-edge safety razor will provide a smoother and closer shave than any other option on the market. They might look intimidating, but they’re straightforward to use. Just load up the blade, and you’re good to go! This is also a great money-saving alternative because you can reuse these blades until they finally break or become dull.

Never use a wet towel on your skin again!

A wet towel can aggravate your skin and cause a lot of problems. Instead, just use the “pat dry” method by getting some of your body’s moisture on your skin and then using a clean towel to dry yourself off. This way, you’ll avoid irritation, redness, and even breakouts!

Use dry shampoo when you can’t shower.

Many guys have difficulty squeezing in a shower daily, which is why dry shampoo was invented. It works as a cleanser and deodorizer that won’t strip your hair or skin of any natural oils – perfect for men with oily skin or an active lifestyle! 

Put petroleum jelly on your feet before bed to help soften callused areas.

If your feet have a lot of hard, callused skin on them, you can use petroleum jelly to soothe them before going to bed. Just coat your feet with a thin layer and put some socks over the top of it. Wash the jelly off in the morning and expose softer skin! You might want to do this every few days until the condition clears up.

To get rid of dark circles, try using coconut oil. 

Dark circles under your eyes are very noticeable, so you should try getting rid of them ASAP! Various home remedies claim to work for this issue, but coconut oil is effective. Just rub some on the dark areas every night before bed and wash them off in the morning. Your skin should look better after a few weeks!

Coconut oil can work as a deep conditioner for your hair, too!

If you have dry or damaged hair, coconut oil might be able to help fix it. Just rub some between your hands and apply it to your hair like a regular conditioner. Leave it on for about ten minutes and rinse out – wash off with cold water if possible because it’ll ensure that all of the oil is gone. You should see results after only one use!

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Style Hacks

We all want to look our best, but that doesn’t mean we have to spend hours in front of the mirror. These style hacks will help you get your fashion game on point.

Don’t wear the same shirt twice in one week.

This sounds like common sense, but many guys break this rule without thinking about it! Make sure that you’re only wearing each shirt once before washing it, especially if you sweat a lot, because that’ll cause some nasty stains to build up.

Go through all of the clothes and only keep the ones that you know you’ll wear.

You might be surprised to find out how many clothes you own that you don’t wear. If possible, go through your entire collection and only keep the ones that make it into the weekly rotation. You’ll be thankful when you have more room in your closet!

Wear a dark dress shirt under a casual jacket to add some sophistication to your outfit.

If you want something a little bit formal but not a full suit, try wearing a dress shirt underneath a casual jacket. It looks terrific, and it’s super easy to do – just put on an undershirt, button up your shirt, then put on the jacket over the top!

Use wax paper to clean your glasses.

If you wear glasses, you know just how annoying it can be when they’re all dirty! To avoid this issue, try using wax paper to clean them off. Just get a sheet, fold it up, and use it like you would use a microfiber cloth. Your glasses will be spotless!

Wearing cologne during the summer is risky.

It might seem like a good idea to wear cologne when it’s hot outside, but you need to be careful because your skin is more sensitive when it’s hot. If you apply too much cologne, you’ll smell like a walking can of air freshener! Try using a lighter fragrance in the summertime and just apply it once or twice.

Use hydrogen peroxide to clean your shoes.

If you need to get mud stains off of your white shoes, hydrogen peroxide can do the job. Just put some onto a cloth and rub it into the material, then let it sit for about an hour before rinsing off. You should see results with just one application!

Your pants shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

This is a really simple rule to follow, but many guys don’t know how their pants should fit. If they’re too big, they’ll look baggy and kind of sloppy – if they’re too tight, it seems like you’re trying out for the circus! Make sure your pants are just tight enough to show off your shape.

If you’re losing hair on top of your head, try shaving the rest of your head.

If you’re worried about balding, then you might want to shave the rest of your head instead. That way, it won’t matter if you lose hair on top because it’ll be even across your entire head. You can also buzz the sides down instead, but this is a less popular look.

Don’t wear black socks with shorts if you don’t have to.

Black socks can look nice with dress pants, but they stand out way too much when you’re wearing shorts. You might think it looks good, but many people will notice and think something’s wrong with your outfit instead! Stick to light grey or white socks for this kind of clothing.

Try to avoid wearing the same color shirt and pants together.

This might seem insignificant, but people will notice if you’re doing it wrong! You should vary your colors for this kind of clothing, so just try to find a different shade of blue when you buy another dress shirt.

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Workout Hacks

We all know that we should be working out more. But sometimes, it can feel like a hassle to find the time and energy for a workout. Or you might not know what type of workout will fit your needs best. This section is dedicated to workout hacks that can help you get in shape.

Just Do Something!

The most important thing is to do something, even if it is just a few jumping jacks or push-ups. Find any excuse not to work out and then squash it! Even if all you do is a few jumping jacks, you’ll be burning calories and getting your body moving.

Make sure to do a variety of different workouts.

You can’t just work out one muscle group for an extended period – that’s a good way to make yourself sore and not want to go to the gym anymore! It would be best if you changed up your exercises every once in a while to make sure your body doesn’t get used to anything. This will also help you avoid getting bored and losing interest.

Find ways to work out without going to the gym.

The reason many people don’t like working out is that it can be tedious and time-consuming! If you’re not enjoying yourself, then you can make working out feel like a chore. But there are ways to work out and feel like you’re not spending hours inside: join a sports team, go for a walk with your dog, or do some yard work. Keep an eye out for ways to make working out fun!

Invest in some good-quality dumbbells to use at home.

If you’re interested in getting in shape and staying in shape, then the best thing to do is invest in some good quality weights. You don’t need a complete set of barbells and dumbbells; just a few will suffice. It’s important that they feel comfortable in your hands so that you can work out effectively!

Use the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator whenever possible.

You want to get in shape, and the best way to do it is by taking the stairs whenever possible! It’s a fast and easy way to burn off some extra calories – plus, there won’t be as much of a wait for the elevator or escalator, so multitasking!

Use a roller stick to loosen up tight muscles.

If you’re trying to stay flexible as you work out, then a roller stick is the way to go. It’s a big long stick with a handle on both ends, and you use it to loosen up your muscles. Just try it out for a few minutes before working out, and you should feel much more flexible!

Lift Weights Before Cardio

If you’re trying to put on muscle mass, then lift weights before cardio. This will help you keep your muscles from burning off, and it has the added benefit of speeding up your metabolism! You’ll be able to work out longer and still produce the same results, which is something to be excited about.

Buy a home gym.

If you’re dedicated to working out, it might be best to invest in a home gym. It will give you more space and time to work out, but the most important thing is that it’s the only place where distractions are gone! You’ll be able to focus on your workout better than ever before.

Build up your fitness level slowly.

People want to start with the best intentions, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way! You can’t just jump into a workout routine and expect to be able to handle it – you’ll probably just end up hurting yourself. Try working out at an easy pace for now, and once your body is used to it, you can start building up your workout time and intensity.

Use a stationary bike for cardio.

Stationary bikes are a better way to get in your cardio than just running or jogging. It won’t put as much pressure on your joints, and you’ll be able to do it all day long if you want! Make a stationary bike part of your daily routine, and you’ll find that it’s much more effective at getting you in shape.

Home Decorating Hacks

The best way to make your home look good is by adding some cool decor. We will share with you a few quick and easy ways to make your house feel like it has been decorated by a professional. Use these tips to ensure your home decorating game is on point.

Use picture ledges to display artwork or other decorations.

Using picture ledges will help you turn your house into an elegant home instantly! It’s a simple, clean installation that leaves very little room for error – you can’t go wrong with this choice! And the best part is how versatile it is: you can put up small pictures or hang large carvings!

Organize all of your electrical cords using binder clips.

One of the most annoying parts about having electronics in your house is the spaghetti-like mess of cords that comes with it. It doesn’t have to be this way, though! You can use binder clips to organize your cables into neat little bundles, making them much easier to manage and work with.

Use Command Hooks in place of nails or screws.

The command is easy to put up, and they don’t leave holes in the wall when you take them down. You can use them to hang up your keys, ornaments, and mugs! This is an easy way to ensure that your walls stay free of holes while also adding some lovely decoration!

Use a shoe organizer as a storage unit.

Using a shoe organizer is the perfect way to keep all loose items sorted and easily accessible. It’s essentially a walk-in closet but smaller! Put one in your room for more organization, and never lose anything again!

Add a few plants to your living room to give it a fresh, natural feel.

People love to have living rooms with an elegant touch. If you’re looking for another way to style your living room, then you might want to look into getting some decorative plants! It’s a classic decoration trick that looks good every time. But the best part is how simple it is: just put them on display and let their beauty shine through!

Use decals on windows instead of curtains or blinds.

Curtains aren’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to deal with – they’re hard to clean, heavy, and always in the way! You might want a cleaner alternative, though: decals. They add a nice touch aesthetically speaking while still allowing you to have some privacy when needed! It’s a win-win sort of situation.

Use 3D wallpaper for a unique look.

Wallpaper is having a moment right now, so you might as well take advantage of it! Instead of choosing the most common patterns for your wallpaper, try looking into 3D wallpapers instead. The extra dimension adds a fantastic effect to any room, and they’re easy to put up!

Add some industrial touches to get a modern look.

Industrial decor is the way of the future, and if you want to give your home that vintage, rustic vibe, then this is the only way to do it! Put up some metal furniture or even hang some old wagon wheels around for an ultra-chic look. All of these things take little effort but make a big difference in how your place looks overall!

Use a wire basket as a trash can.

Trash cans are one of those things that don’t get much attention, but they’re still an essential part of any home. You might want to take advantage of them by using a wire basket as a makeshift trash can! It’s an easy way to keep your wastebasket from being visually distracting while also saving you some space.

Add ceiling beams for an elegant look with low effort.

Ceiling beams are one of those unique touches that can make your home look like it’s from another era (in the best possible way). They’re surprisingly simple to put up, even if you’re not great at DIY work!

Relationships Hacks


Are you a guy who is tired of all the bad relationships and broken hearts that dating brings? Have your friends told you that “you’re just going to have to get used to it”? Well, they are wrong. There are ways for guys like us to find love without turning it into another disaster story on Facebook or Twitter. Here are some relationship hacks every man should know.

Use GIFs to spice up your conversation.

Have trouble thinking of the right way to say something in a text? Never fear because GIFs are here! Sending tiny images back and forth is a fun way to break the ice in any relationship. Add some flair with these awesome animated pictures, and they’ll never be able to get enough!

Learn how to have a good conversation.

Ensuring you have a good conversation is the key to success in any relationship. Whether with your significant other or even just some friends, you want to ensure that you’re coming across as fun and interesting. Read up on some guides online about having a good talk for some helpful hints and tricks, and then hit the town with your new conversation skills!

Buy her a stuffed animal.

As any grown man probably knows, stuffed animals are awesome. They’re cute, cuddly, and always there for you… they’re the perfect things to buy your significant other! So next time you want to get her something that’s a step above flowers and chocolates, why not try getting her a stuffed animal? Chances are she’ll love it.

Use cooking as foreplay for a fantastic night in.

There are few things hotter to women than a man who knows his way around the kitchen! Whether it’s whipping something up on a whim or even just making them breakfast in bed, women yearn for men who have skills in the kitchen. Learn how to cook one or two of her favorite dishes, and that could be all you need to score some major points.

Bring her a single flower on the first date.

This is a simple trick that will make her feel special and loved. You don’t have to break the bank or anything by buying an expensive bouquet from some florist; instead, just pick up a single flower from any convenience store and bring it with you! It’s a small gesture, but it’ll mean a lot to her.  

Make her laugh.

It always helps if you can get a smile on someone’s face during the initial meeting, so why not try making them laugh? Telling some jokes is one of the best ways to break the ice with anyone, and if that goes well, then you’re off to a great start!

Own some nice but simple clothes.

When you go on a date, what is the one thing that you absolutely don’t want to wear? Most guys would say something like baggy pants or sweatpants; after all, you want to look your best when trying to impress someone new. But it only takes a few good clothes to make you look fantastic, so why not try investing in some smart outfits? You’ll see the difference when she looks at you with awe instead of confusion!

Write her a nice letter.

Sometimes, taking out a piece of paper and pen is much more romantic than having to stare at each other the whole time. That’s why writing her a nice letter can be a great way to win over your crush or even your significant other! Just make sure to get it right, and you’ll have them loving you in no time.

Take her to the cinema.

Everyone loves to go to the movies! It’s an excellent way for people to get out of their houses and enjoy something new, so why not take your significant other for that next movie date? Being able to snuggle up next to someone special in a dark theatre can be unique, so you might want to put this one on your list of date options.

Buy her something nice for no reason.

Women love it when guys get them presents, even if they haven’t done anything in particular to deserve one! Just because you thought about getting them a gift will make them feel special, so why not try picking up something small at the next opportunity? It doesn’t have to be expensive; just something thoughtful will do.

There are many ways to become the kind of man any woman would want, so why not try out one or two of these tips today? You never know when you might find someone special, and you’ll be ready in every way possible!

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Cooking Hacks 

I’ve compiled some of the best cooking hacks to help you save time and money in the kitchen. These are great tips that will make your day-to-day easier!

Parchment paper can be used as a work surface.

If you need somewhere to roll out some dough, try using parchment paper instead of your counter! It’s safe for everyone to use, and it won’t leave residue on the food you’re making, so just lay it down wherever you want and get cooking!

Don’t lose your recipes.

If you make a dish that tastes great, try taking down the recipe so you can make it again later on! Seeing as they’re usually quite lengthy and complicated, it’s always good to have them written down somewhere safe, so you don’t mess up by accident. Lose them, and you’ll never be able to make that favorite meal for her ever again!

Use a pizza stone instead of aluminum foil for baking pizzas.

If you want to make some great-tasting pizzas quickly, try using a pizza stone instead of aluminum foil! Aluminum foil doesn’t conduct heat as well, so your food will take longer to cook with it than with a stone, and also, the quality of the taste won’t be as good. Want perfect pizzas every time? Just use a stone!

Put parchment paper on the grill.

Another excellent use for parchment paper is putting it on your grill! The non-stick surface means that you won’t have to scrub as much afterward to get rid of all those pesky bits of food, and the quality of the taste will also be better as there’s less residue. Just remember not to use aluminum foil or wax paper on your grill, only parchment paper!

Cut up onions without crying by soaking them in cold water first.

Ever had to cut up an onion without crying? It’s not easy, but you have to stay strong! If you want to avoid being a tear machine when chopping onions, try soaking them in cold water for at least 10 minutes before doing so. The sulfur that makes your eyes well up won’t be able to seep into the onion if it’s soaked in water first, so you have nothing to fear!

To cook eggs, buy an egg cooker.

Cooking eggs can be a pain; they’re goopy and messy, and it’s easy to get frustrated when trying to make them! If you want your eggs cooked perfectly every time, get an egg cooker! They aren’t too expensive, and they’ll ensure that all your eggs turn out amazing, so why not try one? You won’t regret the decision; we promise!

Freeze your bread, and it will stay fresh longer.

If you want to ensure your bread stays good for as long as possible, try freezing it! All you have to do is put it in a freezer bag and stick it in there; pretty simple, right? That way, the bread won’t go bad anytime soon, and you can always take out however much you need at a time. Then you simply have to heat it in the oven, toaster, or microwave, and you’ll be good to go!

Make your own bread.

If you’d rather not buy bread, buy a bread machine and make it yourself! There are tons of recipes out there that you can try, so get to work in the kitchen using your new toy. You’ll be amazed at how good it is when you’re done; she won’t ever want store-bought bread again after trying yours!

Make the perfect coffee.

Want to get the perfect cup of coffee without having to go out? Try making it at home with a French press! All you have to do is put your coffee in, add some boiling water, stir and leave it for a few minutes. Then just push down the plunger, and boom, you’re done! Now just pour yourself a nice hot cup of caffeine heaven. Check out The Ultimate Coffee Guide for more coffee tips.

Choose better wine by reading the label.

If you want to get into drinking good wines but don’t know where to start, try reading what’s on the label first! A wine’s label tells you where it was made, what grapes were used to make it, and a whole lot more information about why it tastes so good. So start reading the label next time you want to get a glass of something delicious! For more information, you can also read our blog post, 10 Tips to Sound Like a Wine Connoisseur.

Health Hacks 

There are many ways to improve your health, but here are some of the most valuable tips to help you get on track.

Use the elimination diet to determine what foods are causing your allergies.

The best way to determine if you have any food-related allergies is through an elimination diet. This simply means that you’ll avoid all forms of common allergens for a set period and then introduce them back into your system individually to see how you react. Kimchi, eggs, chicken, and strawberries are among the most common allergens, but there’s no way to know unless you try!

Skip breakfast, and you’ll lose weight.

Surprisingly, eating breakfast isn’t actually that important for your diet; it’s eating less later on in the day, that is! If you’re trying to lose weight and can’t seem to drop those pounds no matter how hard you try, skip the break and watch the weight disappear before your very eyes. It’s a simple yet effective tip, so why not give it a go?

Spend time outdoors.

Spending time outdoors is great for you! Not only does it help beat cabin fever, but it also helps you get away from all your devices and spend some quality time with Mother Nature. It’s relaxing, fun, and makes you feel healthier overall, so go on, get outta here! Even if it’s just for 10 minutes, try to get outside during daylight hours as much as possible.

Eat more eggs.

Eggs are among the most versatile foods you can find; they taste great, make for an ideal breakfast, and go with pretty much everything. They’re also incredibly healthy for you, so eat up! Not only do they contain Vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium, but they’re also jam-packed with proteins that help build muscle. You can even use egg whites to put in smoothies or bake some delicious-looking omelets that taste just as good as they look!

Stop buying soda.

Soda is terrible for you! It’s loaded with sugar that has no nutritional value whatsoever; it makes you feel sluggish and bloated and raises your risk of obesity, so stop buying it already! Instead, try drinking water because not only does it taste better than soda, but it also helps keep you hydrated without adding extra pounds onto your waistline. If sticking with plain water isn’t your thing, then opt for unsweetened tea or coffee instead.

Eat before you drink at parties.

Many people make the same mistake of drinking far too much before eating when it comes to social gatherings. This is a mistake because it leads to low blood sugar, which reduces your inhibitions and makes you act in uncharacteristic ways. Eat before drinking to avoid this trap, and you’ll be able to act like your true self rather than an awkward version of yourself, especially if you eat foods that are high in protein.

Watch less TV.

Watching too much TV can make you fat! It’s a simple fact; those hours spent on the couch doing nothing but watching your favorite (or not-so-favorite) shows adds up and lead to weight gain, which leads to other issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. Try cutting down how much time you spend in front of the tube and doing something productive instead, like reading a book, for example.

Cut down on alcohol.

Alcohol is poisonous to your body! While a few shots here and there won’t hurt much, drinking in excess will have lasting adverse effects, so cut it down already. It’s imperative to remember that you can’t just stop taking in alcohol, though, because that leads to a nasty withdrawal phase that’s not worth going through. You’ll need to take a measured approach and reduce your consumption over an extended period instead, which will have the same effect without all the pain.

Eat more meat.

Meat is delicious! There’s a reason why so many people love eating steak and hamburgers; they taste great! It’s also jam-packed with nutrients that your body needs, so eat up, and you won’t regret it. Beef, in particular, contains iron which helps boost your energy levels and keep you going when you’re feeling sluggish. Meat also contains protein which is essential in building muscle, so you’ll have a leaner, more toned physique when you add it to your diet. Enjoy!

Buy an under-desk bike pedal.

Sitting for hours on end makes you fat! You probably know that already but what you don’t know is there’s a simple solution to this problem. If you have a desk job, then invest in an under-desk bike pedal, which will allow you to exercise your legs throughout the day, even while sitting at your desk. This way, you can remain active, and you’ll be able to burn calories while working, even if only a little.

Tech Hacks 

These days, there are so many gadgets and tools to help make our lives easier. Here are some tech hacks to make your life even simpler! 

Invest in a good pair of headphones.

One of the best things you can do is invest in a good pair of headphones to block out noise while working. If you’re not careful, even your environment can become distracting, so it’s important to take action before this occurs. By adding noise-canceling headphones to your arsenal, you’ll be able to stay focused on the task at hand without worrying about what’s going on around you.

Get rid of any electronic devices or chargers that are charging near your bed.

Do you have any electronic devices or chargers that are charging near your bed? If so, stop doing this right away because they emit electromagnetic fields that can disrupt your sleep patterns.

Get a VPN to protect your data from hackers.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service like Ivacy or Fastest VPN to encrypt your web traffic and prevent people from hacking your devices. You can also use it to access geo-restricted content like that on Netflix, Hulu, or BBC iPlayer while traveling abroad.

Turn off location services when you don’t need them.

Do you really need to have location services turned on for every single app on your phone? Probably not. By turning it off, not only will your battery last longer, but there’s also the risk that someone could use it to track your location or steal your data.

Turn off ALL push notifications on every device.

Getting thousands of notifications throughout the day makes you overstimulated and unable to focus. This is one of the most effective ways to become more productive.

Automate everyday tasks using Zapier.

Automating simple tasks saves you a ton of time and effort, so check out Zapier to learn how it works. You can use it to automatically do things like schedule emails to send when someone signs up for your newsletter, post to multiple social media sites, or create a backup of all your work each time you hit the save button. It’s insanely useful!

Learn how to type correctly.

If you want to become more productive, you must learn how to type properly. This is useful not only in your professional life, but also in your personal life. Take some lessons on Keybr, for example.

Keep track of all your passwords with one master password.

Keeping track of all your passwords is a complete waste of time, so it’s best to use a password manager like LastPass that does it for you. You just have to remember one master password, and the rest will be taken care of automatically.

Use the voice-to-text feature included in Google Docs.

Voice-to-text is a fantastic tool that you can use with Google Docs, so check it out. It saves you time and effort, which means you’re more productive.

Get an external hard drive to back up your computer data and protect it from crashes.

You can back up your computer data and protect it from crashes by getting an external hard drive. This saves you the trouble of losing everything, so invest in an external hard drive as soon as possible.

Car Maintenance Hacks 

A car is a significant investment for most people. Keeping it maintained and in top shape can be difficult, especially if you’re not mechanically inclined. There are some simple things that anyone can do to help maintain their vehicle, though. These hacks will save you time, money, and frustration while keeping your ride safe on the road! 

For better gas mileage…

Ensure that your tire pressures are always high enough; tires that aren’t adequately inflated waste a lot of gas which is terrible for the environment and isn’t good for your wallet. 

For better reliability…

Take care of your car by ensuring all fluids are topped up and replaced when necessary, change out filters now and then, keep those tires properly inflated and replace aging belts and hoses. 

For that perfect shine…

Wash your car in the shade, not in direct sunlight. The water will dry more slowly, and you’ll avoid water spots. Also, use a premium microfiber wash mitt to prevent scratching the paint.

For cleaning the interior…

Vacuum out the carpets each month with a hand vacuum. It will restore them to like-new condition. Keep the leather clean by wiping it down with an alcohol-free baby wipe or microfiber cloth; also, keep air vents clean by using cotton swabs (dipped in rubbing alcohol.)

For prolonging the life of your car…

Keep an eye (and ear) open for problems such as grinding sounds or odd smells. Get your car serviced by a quality mechanic every few months to check the belts and hoses, have the tires rotated, and so forth.

For cleaning up after spills…

Use a dry towel to soak up a spill fast, blotting until nearly all liquid is absorbed. Next, apply a drop or two of dishwashing soap to the area and let it sit for ten minutes; agitate the area with an old toothbrush, then rinse with water and dry as quickly as possible.

For fixing your windshield chips…

Windshield chips can be fixed for under 15 dollars with a special windshield repair kit. These kits are sold at most hardware stores and usually include the specific type of resin used to fix the chip and an applicator that makes it easy to get the application just right. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, find a local car glass repair company to do the job.

For washing your vehicle…

Fill one bucket with soapy water and fill another bucket with clean water for rinsing. Use microfiber wash mitts to keep swirls off paint surfaces. Rinse away soap using the two-bucket method and dry each panel using a squeegee after it’s been rinsed.

For being ready for an accident…

Make sure to have a blanket or towel, a flashlight with working batteries, and fresh windshield washer fluid in your trunk when you’re on the road. It’s also a good idea to keep a tool kit with jumper cables and flares in your trunk in case of an emergency.

For changing your car’s oil…

Every 10,000 miles or so, change your car’s oil. This will keep your engine running smoothly and help protect it from corrosion. You don’t have to go to the dealer for this service; you can hire an independent mechanic or do it yourself at home with a few simple tools.

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Clean House Hacks

Cleaning a house is one of those chores that gets more arduous as time goes on. Dishes pile up, dust collects, and dirt seems to stick around longer than it should. Luckily, there are some simple things you can do to make the cleaning process easier!

Use a squeegee to get water off of windows.

The beauty of this hack is that you don’t even have to wring out the mop or wipe down the countertops. All you have to do is use a squeegee to get water off of your windows, and your kitchen will be sparkling in no time!

Turn on the garbage disposal for a couple of minutes every night.

If you have a garbage disposal, this is something you should be doing to save yourself some headaches. Turning it on and letting it run for a few minutes will clear out anything that might be stuck in there and help prevent clogs.

Make your own white vinegar solution.

Having a white vinegar and water solution is fantastic for cleaning purposes. Just mix up a cup of vinegar with some warm, hot, or cold water, and you’ll be able to clean almost anything.

Dust the ceiling fan blades too!

The dust that collects on your ceiling fan doesn’t just stay on the top part of the blades. It makes its way down to the bottom, so you must dust it there too!

Clean your microwave with a mixture of water and lemon juice.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but just in case it isn’t, we’re going to tell you how! Mix a cup of water and half a lemon (you can use more if you like) with some salt and let it sit for five minutes. Then take the bowl out, open up the microwave and wipe down the inside. Easy as that!

Use soda to clean your toilet.

Yes, you read that right! You can use different sodas (cola works best) to help remove stains from your toilet bowl because of their acidity levels. Just pour about half a can in and let it sit for a few minutes before flushing.

Store dryer balls to naturally soften clothes.

Dryer balls not only reduce the amount of time it takes your clothes to dry, but they also soften them and help remove static cling.

Use lemon juice to clean your stainless steel appliances.

All you need to make this happen is a bit of lemon juice, salt, and extra virgin olive oil. Mix them all to make a paste and get scrubbing!

Clean your iron with ketchup.

Yes, you read that right! Just rub some ketchup all over both sides of the plate and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Wipe it down, rinse off the area, and boom! You’re good to go!

Use vinegar to clean your shower head.

Showerheads get clogged up with all kinds of nasty stuff, but it doesn’t have to be that way! You can make a vinegar solution and scrub it on the showerhead for a few minutes. This will eliminate all the gunk and leave your bathroom smelling fresh.


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