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10 Important Dating Tips All Men Should Know

Is your dating life not as successful as you would like? Do you find yourself frustrated and confused about what to do to meet the woman of your dreams? Have you been trying everything, but nothing seems to be working for you? 

If this sounds like you, then it’s time that we discuss the ten best dating tips for men. These are some tried and true methods that will help any guy out there with their love life. 

So, whether it’s a date night or just something casual, these tips will help ensure that things go even better next time around than last time.

Be confident, not arrogant.


Confidence is key when it comes to dating. We all know the saying “fake it until you make it” well, this couldn’t be more true during your dates.

A great way of demonstrating confidence is by speaking quietly and slowly. If you talk quickly or loudly, your date might think you are agitated or just plain crazy.

Speak with a deep voice as this projects authority, knowledge, and masculinity to your woman on first impression. Next, make sure to lean back in your seat, not forward. This will give you the appearance of confidence and power. 

When you are around your date, always look them in the eyes.

There is something very intimate about two people staring into each other’s eyes. When you do this, you’ll come across as someone that knows what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it. It will project confidence that will surely catch her attention and make her more interested in learning everything about you.

I know a lot of guys who think that being arrogant will help them be more confident. If you find yourself thinking this way, too, then think again. Being confident is about knowing your strengths and owning them. Confidence means believing in yourself.

Arrogance means believing that everyone else is beneath you and not worth your time. You don’t want to be a jerk, so don’t come off as one.

Be humorous and have a great story to tell.

Remember, you are talking to someone who has met dozens of other guys like yourself. If there is any doubt in your mind that she likes you, try telling her a joke or story. She’ll instantly know if she finds humor in your words.

Women don’t want men; they just “like” at first meetings – they want exciting and mysterious men. A guy who’s too nice is boring; talking about himself all the time is boring; talking about work is also dull.

Do this instead:

Try to make her laugh with your opening line. Using self-deprecating humor is best, but you must follow up your opener with something interesting.

Don’t be desperate; make her want you to keep talking! What you can do is learn how to tell a joke, be humorous, and have great stories from your life to tell. This way, you’ll be able to capture her attention and keep it.

The stories you must tell must have a point or moral so she can relate to you. And they must be taught to her as if she were listening to a fascinating anecdote from a friend. Don’t make-up stories. A true story is much more effective because it gives your words credibility and makes you look like a real person, not just one of those polished guys who speaks in clichés.

Don’t forget all of these things take time. When you do this for the first time, it may not work out too well. Just keep practicing, and don’t give up!

Practice in front of the mirror – it won’t take long before you become better at telling jokes or stories. The outcome? You will get her laughing and keep her attention!

Types of humor.

Being funny is a skill that women find attractive in men, but you should know that there are different types of humor.

The first type of humor, or the worst type – is making fun of someone else’s misfortune. The only time this works well with women is if she can see that you are making fun of yourself too, and it has the effect on her of making you more identifiable as a human being.

The second type of humor involves storytelling. If you tell jokes well, great! But if not, don’t worry because what works better than anything is personal stories about people close to you – memories from your past that have some humorous element!

If you have a good story about your ex-girlfriend, your mom, or even something that happened to you at work – tell it. It doesn’t matter whether or not she laughs out loud because the key is that you are making her laugh with YOU.

The third type of humor is to be light-hearted with her. An excellent way to do this is simply by teasing her about important things (e.g., What car she drives, how many shoes she owns). If done right, it’ll make her feel more relaxed around you because there’s no pressure to impress.

The fourth type of humor is telling stories about yourself that are humorous but also have a lesson in them. Again, the key here is not to focus on yourself but to use yourself as an example instead. For instance, you can talk about making mistakes at work or with girlfriends and what you learned from those situations – and why the lesson was necessary for your personal growth.

Master the fine art of flirting.

This is because flirting is fun, lighthearted, and arousing – but never serious or threatening. Don’t take yourself too seriously. You should be flirty, and fun and enjoy your interactions with her – never taking yourself too seriously.

Most men make the mistake of becoming defensive when they feel their ego is threatened by a woman they like 1. Be playful but don’t be perverted. Making suggestive remarks doesn’t count as flirting; these are significant turn-offs to women who want to build an emotional connection with you.

Don’t tell jokes that rely on adult stuff for humor value. Being funny is good; making this kind of reference isn’t! Remember, what she hears must be titillating — but not threatening because you’re trying to create an emotional attraction between you.

Flirting is an art form that many men don’t master until they are well into their twenties, thirties, or even forties!

Have Fun Flirting.

Women are incredibly perceptive when picking up on subtle signs of interest from the opposite gender, so lighten up and have some fun with it.


Flirt with her hair, face, eyes – any part. You could try looking at her lips just a little longer than you usually would before breaking away slowly while maintaining eye contact.

Don’t be too blatant about this; if she looks uncomfortable, stop immediately and use a different method.

The best thing you can do is to look for signs that she likes what you say and how you make her feel, and then attempt to use the same tactic on her again. If it goes well, keep repeating your words or actions; if not, move on and find another way to flirt with her.

Some signs she likes what you say are:

  • She looks at you for longer than normal.
  • When talking to you, she touches her face more frequently.
  • She takes deep breaths.
  • Whenever you say something, she laughs.
  • She fans herself with her hand or hair.
  • When speaking with you, she doesn’t become tense.
  • Her body is turned to face yours.

Now, these are just a few signs, but if she does something similar, then you’ll know what she feels. Be observant – this will tell you if flirting with her works or not!

The problem, of course, is getting the right balance between being too forward and coming across as uninteresting and uninterested.

Don’t pretend to be someone else just because she has a specific type of guy in mind.

Playing games is fun – when you’re a kid, but as you grow older, it just becomes annoying. One of the biggest mistakes guys make is copying another guy just to impress a girl 2.

Sometimes this works, but it doesn’t because women can spot such behavior from miles away most of the time! Women like men who are confident with their personalities and don’t feel they have to go out and become someone else just because she has an ideal type.

It would be best to focus on what you have to give her instead of trying so hard to impress her by becoming somebody else. She wants a man who can stand firmly on his own two feet without being dependent on anyone for support – especially a woman. And she most certainly doesn’t want a “yes” man!

Be yourself and let her fall in love with the person she sees – not who you think she wants you to be.

Don’t assume she’s “out of your league” or that you’re not good enough for her!

Many guys make the mistake of thinking women are too good for them, and it puts them off making any effort to start a conversation with her – they believe that she would never be interested in talking to them anyway!

out of your league

Of course, there are many beautiful women out there who will only date high-profile men who fit their ambitions; however, many other women are looking for someone they can relate to on a deeper level, not just because of his status, money, or looks.

Never assume you can’t have someone till you’ve tried to get them! Don’t assume she’s out of your league. Never let your insecurities hold you back from talking to a woman just because she’s more attractive than you or has a better job …

What women want is simple:

They want a guy who isn’t intimidated by their success and will love them for being an independent spirit.

Just because she’s good-looking does not mean that women won’t be impressed by how you carry yourself, so focus on your personality and don’t let anything else get in the way of getting to know her.

Don’t think that just because she’s got a lot of guys after her means she won’t be interested in having someone to talk to who will respect her for who she is and accept her as an equal partner in the relationship. The right woman isn’t looking for outward signs of success; instead, she wants to find somebody who can make them happy – both emotionally and physically!

Stimulate her mind!

While it’s true that physical attraction is important, women also need to feel mentally stimulated if they’re going to fall in love with you. If she feels like you don’t have anything interesting or insightful to say, then the chances are that she’ll start looking elsewhere for someone who can stimulate her intellectually as well as physically.

Being able to hold an intelligent conversation about various topics will make you look good not only in front of her but in front of others too. It can even be a great way to break the ice when trying to forge new friendships!

She wants to know you can engage her in conversation on any topic under the sun, not just talk about yourself and your daily activities.

Studies have shown that women are very impressed by intelligent men 3. This can range from having simple conversations where everyone enjoys themselves to stimulating debates that clearly show how knowledgeable you are on various issues!

Most men will find it challenging to hold their own in such conversations, but the truth is anything you say which hints at your intelligence and exposes your knowledge will impress her.

That’s not just because it shows that you’re smart enough to engage in intelligent conversation, but also because it shows that she has the sense and intellect to do so as well!

And when she’s impressed by you as a person, she’ll begin to see you as more attractive too …

Be attractive

If you are not an Adonis, it’s time to hit the gym! Exercise does wonders for your self-confidence – so much so that women will find you more interesting than those who don’t exercise.

Besides, looking fit and healthy tells a woman that you care about your body and overall health and well-being. And we all know what attracts women… confidence!

So get off the couch and start working out. You’ll be surprised by how much women will appreciate your efforts, especially if you’re at a stage in life where you’re not quite as young as you used to be

Another way of becoming attractive to many women is by the way you dress. Dressing nicely isn’t just a sign that you respect yourself and your profession, but it can be a great conversation starter!


You don’t have to get dressed up in the latest designer fashions, but wearing clean and well-fitting clothes will send out a positive message about your personality – both to men and women. Take a look at our styling section for some tips. Dressing nicely shows self-respect and self-esteem that will attract her notice immediately.

Remember to be clean.

You might be surprised at how many men overlook this extremely important aspect of attracting women! Body odor can drive any woman away faster than anything else – even if you are rich, handsome, and intelligent.  

The last but most important thing is not to be obsessed with your looks, but to constantly keep yourself up-to-date with the latest developments. That means keeping a hairstyle and beard that is stylish and well-maintained and continuously working on grooming yourself for success!

The best advice we can give you is to have a style all of your own. The more polished and put-together you look, the better you’ll feel about yourself as well as appear to others.

Be a good listener!

Being able to listen, understand and provide her with the emotional support that she needs is just as important as being liked by people.

This means keeping quiet sometimes when she talks about sensitive topics or things bothering her – it’s not always easy. Still, you have to show her that you’re the kind of person who’s willing to listen attentively without doing anything more than make encouraging noises or nod your head! … When this happens, women tend to appreciate men who are good listeners more than those who try to solve their problems for them.

Just remember that some women can talk non-stop 4. Listening attentively will let her know that you care enough about her life to pay full attention whenever she needs someone to talk to…

While women love men who take the lead in a relationship, they also love to be listened to and understood – especially when she’s talking about herself or their problems. Listening shows appreciation for what she has to say, even if it doesn’t directly relate to anything going on between you.  

Good listening will not only make her feel loved and wanted but will also help you understand exactly what she’s looking for in the relationship. Listening to her shows that you have a much deeper understanding and empathy for what she is saying.

So when on a date, don’t just think about your following line while talking to you. Try to process what she is telling you and delve deeper into the real meaning of what she’s saying.

Don’t be a downer.

One of the biggest turn-offs for women when dating is if you’re negative/downer during the early stages of meeting someone new. This can quickly cause her to lose interest and move on without even giving you a second chance. If she senses that you might be bringing her down with your negative thoughts, she’s going to lose interest quickly.

Remember, most women want to have a good time when they are with you.

So don’t make negative comments about yourself or your life – it’ll only bring down the mood and make her feel bad for even being with you. This is especially true if she’s trying to build up your self-esteem and make you feel better!

Why would she want to be with a guy who only spends his time complaining about the bad things in life?


Another big turn-off is if you’re constantly playing “the blame game.” If you’re constantly complaining about how unfair it is that there aren’t any good women out there and all the bad ones are taken or worse yet – always blaming other people for why things don’t work out, then this will bore women as well as make them want to run away from you as quickly as possible because this isn’t what they want in a relationship either.

The biggest mistake men make when trying to date women is thinking that their lives are naturally supposed to be an open book for everyone else to see and judge… This isn’t true; nobody wants their personal life to be an open book for everyone else to judge and make comments about.

Stop Complaining.

Don’t talk negatively about your female “ex” or family. While everyone has a past, you don’t want to be the one who constantly talks about it. This tends to show that you’re bitter and still not over what happened. If she senses this, then she’s going to lose interest in you quickly because nobody wants to be around a constantly angry/negative person who spends most of the time complaining.

Another thing is when men badmouth their family or parents when on dates with women. This has made women feel uncomfortable and turned them off pretty quickly: especially if they don’t want anything serious right away and just want someone new to go out with for fun.

Compliment the woman you’re interested in, but don’t overdo it.

Women love to be complemented by the man they are interested in. But if you give her too many compliments, then she’s going to start wondering why you’re becoming “clingy” or feel like you might not have anything interesting about yourself to talk about.

So just keep it simple at first and complement something specific that you think is cute/great about her. There is no need for over-the-top compliments, especially since most women want men willing to take risks and show their masculine side.

Too much flattery can turn off a woman because it’ll make her wonder why you’re suddenly trying so hard after meeting up with them for the first time…

We all know how annoying it is when someone keeps telling women how sexy, beautiful, or hot they are. They usually want to punch them in the face after a while!

Smart women don’t like it when guys keep complimenting their “beauty” at every single chance they get. So if you find yourself on a date with a woman – try not to say she’s “the most beautiful girl ever” because chances are she’ll see right through your little game.

Show her that you’re interested in knowing more about who she really is and not just focusing on her beauty. Remember, women love compliments, but only once in a while. So if you’re going to compliment them, make sure that they are genuine and from the heart.


There you have it, ten best dating tips for men. Remember that success and failure are all about making choices and upholding your standards; this concept holds in business and online dating.

The choice is yours! So be confident, take the right actions and try to enjoy the process instead of worrying too much about what’s happening outside of yourself!

The reason why these tips are so remarkable is that they’re easy, simple ways to make your next date better than ever before. We hope you found these ten best dating tips for men helpful. Do you have any additional advice to share? Let us know in the comment section below!