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10 Surprising Effects of Positive Thinking on Men

There is no denying that positive thinking can significantly impact your life. Whether you want to increase success in your career, find love, or live a happier life, the power of positive thinking can help make it happen. In this blog post, we will explore how men specifically can use the power of positivity to achieve their goals and increase their quality of life!

You will be more successful in your career.

successful in your career

Positive thinking can help you better navigate your career path. Instead of seeing challenges as a detriment, positive thinking can help you see each obstacle as a learning opportunity. This allows you to grow and adapt in your career instead of stagnating or failing!

It has been found that people who have developed the power of positivity are more likely to be successful both financially and with job promotions [1]. In addition, these same individuals tend to feel better about themselves overall, which leads them to be happier throughout their lives.

How to apply it to your career: 

When you face a challenge at work, see it as an opportunity to learn. Ask yourself what lessons can be taken away from experience and implement them in your future efforts. Also, ensure that you give credit where credit is due when completing tasks. This will help spread positivity throughout the workplace while also increasing productivity!


I was recently given a difficult task at work. I saw it as an opportunity to learn and improve my skills. I asked the boss for help, completed the task successfully, and learned a lot in the process!

You will have better relationships with your friends and family.

Positive thinking can impact the quality of your personal life as well! When you see challenges as learning opportunities, it is far easier to stay positive in all aspects of your daily life, which means that those around you feel more at ease. This creates a positive atmosphere for everyone!

Positive individuals tend to be more successful in their relationships with family and friends. This is because positivity breeds an overall better mood, making you a more enjoyable person to interact with regularly. This will naturally lead to having closer friendships and creating loving bonds with your family members.

How to apply it to your relationships: 

When things get tough in your personal life, take a step back and analyze what the challenge teaches you. Then, put that lesson into practice with those around you. If you can be more understanding and positive during difficult times, it will show those close to you that you are there for them no matter what!


My girlfriend and I recently had a fight. Rather than getting angry or upset about it, we calmly sat down and discussed the issue. We ended up having a great conversation that made both of us feel much better!

You will be happier in your daily life as well as overall!

When you embrace positivity, not only will you be more successful in your career and personal life, but it can also lead to an overall happier mood! Positive people are typically less stressed and more content with their lives.

This is likely because positive people are grateful for what they have. They can see the good in any situation, which reduces worry and stress. They also tend to think that problems can be solved rather than feeling helpless, making it easier for them to find peace within themselves.

It becomes much easier to find joy and excitement in your day-to-day life when you can see every challenge as an opportunity rather than feeling like everything is against you. This will lead to you being happier overall and less stressed!

How to apply it in daily life: 

Take some time each day to sit down and reflect on all of the positive aspects of your life, such as family members or friends, a roof over your head, people who care about you, etc. Then express gratitude towards these things! This will help reduce anxiety while putting more happiness into your overall mood. You might even want to give back by volunteering in your community!


I am so grateful for my girlfriend’s love and support with everything going on in my life. I am also thankful for the roof over my head and all of the fantastic people in my life!

You will find love more quickly.

You will find love more quickly

The power of positive thinking can also help you when looking for love. Positivity is an attractive quality, and positive individuals tend to find love easier.

This is because when you radiate happiness and contentment, people are naturally drawn to you. Additionally, those around you will feel more at ease with being in a relationship with you due to your positive attitude!

How to apply it to finding love: 

When you are looking for a relationship, it is essential to look at the positive aspects of your potential partner. Think about what they have to offer that could make them an overall great addition to your life rather than putting too much focus on their negative traits or habits! This will help attract other people who are more likely to be a good match for you.


When I was looking for a girlfriend, I focused on the things she did that I liked rather than the small things she did that annoyed me. As a result, I found someone who is kind-hearted, loving, and supportive!

You will cope with stress better.

When you can find a positive aspect in every situation, it can be much easier for you to cope with stressful situations that might arise! Positive people have been shown to have healthier heart rates and lower cortisol levels when they feel stressed out, which helps them react more calmly during difficult times.

When you can see the positive in every situation, it is easier for you to cope when life throws a curveball. Optimistic people tend to have more satisfying relationships and friendships which ultimately increases their support systems! When they face stressful situations, having these strong connections makes it much easier for them to manage stress.

How to apply it to cope with stress: 

If you feel overwhelmed at work or school, take a few minutes to sit down and focus on what went right that day. Then think about how this is one more step toward your overall goal! This will help remind you why you need to put in the extra effort while also calming yourself down.

If you feel stressed out about something, try writing down all of your thoughts on the subject. Then organize your list by importance or relevance before identifying what lessons each thought has taught you that could help reduce anxiety overall! This will make coping with stress feel less overwhelming while also ensuring that any negative feelings can be learned from rather than simply dwelling on them.


I was feeling overwhelmed at work the other day, but I reminded myself that I had completed all of my tasks for the day. This was one more step toward my goal, and it made me feel better! Even though it was a difficult day, I could still achieve what I had hoped. 

You will have a better sense of self-worth.

Having a positive mindset has been shown to help individuals feel better about themselves overall. They tend to have more confidence, be more charismatic, and handle difficult situations that might arise better because they can see the positive in every case. This has a cascading effect on their daily lives, making it easier for them to maintain healthy relationships and achieve their goals!

When you are able to see the positive aspects in yourself, it can give you a better sense of self-worth. This is because positive people tend to know their strengths and weaknesses, which allows them to feel good about who they are!

How to apply it: 

Think about the things that make you unique and special. Write these down so you can refer back to them when needed! Additionally, try your best not to compare yourself to others. This will only make you feel bad about yourself and is not productive in any way. 

Whenever you feel down about yourself, try to think of a time when you were proud of yourself. This could be anything from completing a project successfully or handling a conflict with patience and kindness.


I am great at making friends quickly, and I am always there for my loved ones when they need me. These two things make me unique, and I should be proud of them!

You will be more open to trying new things.

You will be more open to trying new things

It is much easier to open up when you see the positive in yourself and your life. When you are able to let others in, it can make your life more fulfilling overall.

Optimistic people tend to be less judgmental, making them open up to new experiences! They aren’t scared of trying something that they haven’t before, which allows their lives to become richer as a result.

How to apply it: 

If you want to open up and try something new, start by looking at what is stopping you. Do you view the activity as tedious or time-consuming? Think about how it might benefit your life in another way! Is there a friend that would be interested in trying this with you? Get together and discuss how exciting it could be to explore something entirely new! The more positive mindsets people have when approaching these activities, the easier they will feel overall.


I was hesitant to try out that new restaurant, but I decided to go after hearing some good reviews. The food was terrific, and I had a great time!

You will have more energy overall.

Positive people tend to be happier, which can give them more energy. They can put their best foot forward in any situation, which allows them to feel better overall.

Positive people are able to tackle their goals without feeling exhausted which allows them access to an abundance of energy daily! They can accomplish what they want without feeling drained, which is a testament to their positive mindset. Negative thought patterns can often lead to feeling tired and run down, but this is not the case with positive individuals.

How to apply it: 

Think about what makes you feel energized. Is it spending time outside? Working out? Reading a good book? Once you identify what gives you energy, try to do more of those things! Additionally, make sure that your day isn’t too packed so that you are trying to accomplish too many things at once. This will only lead to feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, defeating the purpose! 

If you are feeling tired, try taking a few minutes for yourself! This could be anything from reading your favorite book to going on a walk outside. Make sure that whatever you do, makes you happy and relaxed. Also, cut back on caffeine and sugar because they can hurt your energy over time.


I love running in nature because it clears my head and helps me focus on my breathing. After I finish running, I always feel refreshed!

You will be more forgiving.

When you are in a good mood, it is easier for you to forgive others. This could be for anything from making a mistake to simply not living up to your expectations.

When you are able to let go of the anger and resentment, it allows for more space in your heart and mind! This can be really beneficial because it will enable you to connect with others much deeper. You will also feel better about yourself because you aren’t holding onto negative thoughts and feelings.

How to apply it: 

Forgiving someone can be difficult, but it is definitely worth the effort. Think about the person that you need to forgive and:

  • Think about why they did what they did. Were there circumstances that led them to act in this way?
  • Consider the other ways you could have responded and how it would have turned out if you had chosen differently.
  • Be open to forgiving them

If you still have trouble forgiving someone, try talking with a friend or family member! They might help you see the situation from a different point of view and understand why this person acted in such a way.


I had an argument with my best friend over something that I thought was important, but then we talked about it later and realized how silly we were being! It felt amazing to end things on good terms because I realized that our friendship was most important.

You will be more creative.

You will be more creative

Positive people tend to be more creative, and this is because they view the world differently. They can take what happens during their day and use it as inspiration for some fantastic art or writing!

The key thing about being more creative is taking time to reflect on your feelings and experiences rather than letting them pass by without noticing. This can be as simple as writing in a journal or drawing a picture. 

When you feel good, it is easier for your mind to come up with new ideas or solutions to problems that might have been plaguing you before! This allows for a greater state of flow, where all of your mental faculties can be used in unison. When this happens, it feels incredible because nothing else is on your mind except what you are working on now!

How to apply it: 

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, so find what works best for you! If you don’t like to write, try painting, dancing, or even cooking! The most important thing is that you take some time to reflect and let your mind wander.


Ever since I started meditating, my creative juices flowed like crazy! It has even helped me see things from a different perspective and develop some amazing ideas for blog posts.


So, as you can see, there are many benefits to being in a good mood! Not only will you feel better emotionally, but you will also be more productive and creative. Try to see the positive in everything! Even when it seems like nothing is going your way, there are always things that you can learn from.

Do you agree with this point of view? What benefits have you experienced by being more positive? How do you get into a good mood on bad days?       

Let us know in the comments below!