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The Ultimate Guide To Creating a Man Cave

Do you want to create the perfect man cave? If so, this is the ultimate guide for you! We’re going over everything from choosing a location to what type of furniture should be in your man cave. So if you are struggling with any of these decisions or just need some inspiration, read on!

What is a man cave, and why should you have one?

A man cave is a place in your house that is designated for the males of the household. This room should be filled with everything a guy enjoys and loves, such as sports memorabilia or video games.


Man caves are becoming more popular because men feel it gives them an area to call their own where they can unwind after work or on weekends. Men do not have many spaces they can call their own anymore, thanks to women taking over almost every area of life, including the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, etc. So let us take back at least one space by creating the perfect environment for ourselves!

Since you’re creating an environment for yourself, you should carefully choose what goes into your man cave. You don’t need every item on this list (although there are many fantastic ideas); instead, just focus on those things important to YOU!

If you want a man cave but don’t know where to start, look no further than the following items on this list because we’re going over everything you need to create a unique place men everywhere will envy!

Choose the perfect spot and a theme for your man cave.

Finding the perfect location for your man cave.

First and foremost, you need to find the perfect spot for your man cave. You don’t want it too far away from the rest of your house because then you’ll rarely use it. But on the other hand, if it is in a central location like where most people gather (living room), that might not be as helpful either since everyone will be using it! So instead, look for something between those two extremes, such as an office or guest bedroom with doors that close entirely so no one can enter without knocking first.

Man caves should also have enough space to fit all of your favorite things but still feel cozy and comfortable at the same time. So try to find an area that is neither too big nor too small for your man cave.

There are many options, from basements and garages to an office spaces or guest bedrooms!

Another important factor when choosing where your man cave will be located is who will use it too! If you choose a small space like an office or bathroom, will visitors feel comfortable relaxing there? If not, this might be the wrong location for your man cave.

When picking the perfect spot for your man cave, look for a space where you can find peace and quiet, as well as a spot where others can enjoy it too.

Choose the perfect theme for your man cave.

Now that you have found the perfect location, what will it be themed after? There are so many options!


Are you a football lover? Then decorate your man cave with everything that represents your favorite team, including jerseys, helmets, and flags. Maybe even get yourself an official NFL chair or stool!

If sports aren’t really your thing, but you still want to show off some type of love for another hobby such as cars (classic style), video games, art/music, movies, etc., there are many other options available too!

When it comes to choosing a theme, big or small, there’s sure to be something for everyone! Just make sure you choose something you love and will actually use, too, because if not, this whole process is moot, and you might as well give up on the idea of having a man cave altogether.

In fact, you don’t have to choose just one theme.

You could choose multiple themes and decorate the man cave with a different type of decoration in each area!

For example, if your favorite sport is basketball and you love playing video games, why not make half of the room decorated for sports memorabilia while having an Xbox or PlayStation hooked up there too? Then when friends come over, they can watch you play or even join as well since it’s evident that’s what the space is intended for.

It doesn’t matter how many themes go into making your perfect man cave because, at the end of the day, this should be YOUR domain where no woman will ever step foot without permission from now on.

So fill it with everything that represents you and what you love.

Select paint, furniture, and decor that fits the theme of your man cave.

How you decorate the space is important too!

When it comes to decorating a man cave, there are many options available. You can choose paint colors that represent your favorite sports team or car brand – for example – and even purchase custom-fitted carpets with logos on them if they fit your theme as well.

Even furniture such as desks, dressers, cabinets (for storing food), and chairs/sofas should be chosen carefully to ensure it matches both the location of where you’re putting this room as well as its intended purpose.

For instance, if you decide to put an office desk and matching leather chair in your man cave, this isn’t the best option because people will assume that’s where you actually do work all day long. So instead, choose something like a comfy recliner or bean bag chair to help visitors feel more at ease and relaxed when coming into such a great space!

You can even make your own furniture to match the theme of this room too.

For example, if you’re artsy, then paint a canvas or wood pieces yourself and hang them on the wall for everyone to enjoy!

You can get really creative with this process, so don’t be afraid to go all out. It’s totally worth it in the end once everything is said and done because no one will ever feel uncomfortable there again while enjoying things that represent you!

Just remember when designing/decorating your man cave: comfort, but not too much comfort where people won’t respect its intended use anymore unless you want visitors hanging around forever instead of leaving as they should.

Of course, these are just suggestions based on my experience on how to decorate different themes within one area – however – there really, make sure those items will actually fit and aren’t so large they take up most of the space instead! 


One of the best ways for this space to come alive is by adding plants.

Of course, fake plants work great too. Still, there’s nothing better than having an organic touch within such a great area. Not only does it help bring nature indoors, which can decrease stress levels after a long day at work – but they also absorb carbon dioxide and emit fresh oxygen making everyone feel much more relaxed once inside. This helps create a healthier environment overall, making your man cave one step closer to perfection. Trust me; you’ll never look at artificial flowers or trees the same way again!

Another great thing about installing live plants in your man cave is that they actually help purify the air.

Toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene are found in paint, glue for carpets and furniture, detergents used to clean windows, leather upholstery, etc. On top of all these benefits, it also helps with asthma conditions or other respiratory problems too, so if you have someone having any sort of trouble breathing at home, be sure to get them some greenery ASAP.

Don’t forget that ceiling fans can help circulate fresh air during those hot summer days and year-round if necessary.

Add extra lighting fixtures to make it feel more spacious.

Adding extra lighting to a room can make it feel more spacious. Sometimes, when there are too many different items in one area, the walls start to close in around you, making everything seem smaller than it actually is. Adding extra lamps or even small chandeliers over areas like a game room or reading nook can make all the difference.

Also, if you choose to install dimmer switches, be sure they work correctly because this is where mood lighting comes into play, and these types of lights must be fully functional when needed!

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LED lights are a great option because they come in different colors, but you can also change the brightness setting for perfect mood lighting.

They’re energy-efficient, which makes them safe to use around kids and pets too!

If done correctly, not only will these fixtures provide great additional light for your man cave, but they also help create a more inviting atmosphere as well!

Don’t forget to check out the electrical outlets and wiring because that’s something you definitely don’t want going wrong while using your new man cave.

Find the perfect TV and sound system.

It’s essential to find the perfect TV and sound system for your man cave because this is what everyone will watch when they’re hanging out there with you!


You can even get a home theater installed, which makes it feel like you’re right in the action of whatever show or movie you choose to enjoy while relaxing comfortably on cozy pillows at night during wintertime.

A projector screen is also another great idea if you’re into the latest technology trends and want to take your man cave game up a notch or two! This is what I have in my man cave.

Don’t forget to check out the different TV stand options as well, because you’ll want to make sure it’s sturdy enough that it won’t shake around during high-volume times.

So, ensure that the one you choose fits perfectly into this area without blocking any windows; otherwise, it can obstruct people’s views while trying to enjoy their time there!

Also, if space permits, then go with a wall-mounted version so you can save some extra space for other things, such as additional seating or even your pool table.

You can have multiple TVs installed if you want to watch different shows or sporting events simultaneously.

It might sound silly, but many man caves around the world actually come with two or even three televisions so that everyone has their own screen instead of fighting over who gets to watch what.

That way, they can relax and enjoy their favorite show or team without any issues!

For the sound system, it’s important to find one that will provide excellent sound quality so everyone can hear clearly without having the TV up too loud or even straining their ears, especially if they’re wearing headphones or earbuds.


Also, consider what kind of music your friends like when thinking about choosing the best type of speaker.

Some prefer soft relaxing sounds, while others love bumping bass all night long at maximum volume.

There are many different types and brands out there. Still, we recommend using a home theater system with wireless speakers installed throughout your man cave for maximum movie-watching pleasure!

Don’t forget about the video game systems!

After the TV and sound system, this is one of the most important features within your man cave because everyone loves spending time playing video games with their pals, whether it’s a friendly competition or something more serious where the stakes are high.

Think about all of the different types of video games, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, online multiplayer, etc., because that will make things interesting! Also, be sure to choose a good brand when purchasing one; otherwise, you’ll have trouble later on down the road.

You’ll also want to make sure there is enough space around the television set and entertainment center before actually installing them into place. This may require some measuring beforehand just in case they won’t fit.

Make sure you have enough seating for everyone who wants to hang out there!

The amount of seating you have in your man cave is very important.

For example, if you only choose to place a couple of couches and chairs, then that’s fine, but what happens when more people want to come to chill out with you?

Don’t make this mistake, or your friends will be stuck sitting on the floor, which isn’t very comfortable.


So, it’s important to think about how many people will come to hang out there before actually buying any furniture because that could be a waste of money if you don’t choose the right amount.

Also, consider what kind of seating you want to get.

For example, if your man cave is on the smaller side, a sectional would be ideal because it can easily fit into tight spaces without making things look too cramped up.

If space isn’t an issue, go with a full-size couch or multiple chairs in different areas of the room, so everyone has enough options when they’re hanging out there!

As far as color goes, you’ll want something neutral but still fun because you want your friends to feel comfortable and at ease when they’re hanging out there, so the atmosphere isn’t too serious.

There are plenty of different types of seating options, such as bean bags, recliners, etc. Still, those might not provide enough back support if people plan on sitting down for long periods while playing video games or watching movies with high volume levels.

You can even add a massage chair into your man cave for ultimate relaxation.


Having one of these will help save some floor room for seating, so you’ll have more options when it comes time to hang out there.

Add a pool table, shuffleboard, poker table, dartboard, foosball table, etc…

Something like this will make your man cave extra fun and even competitive for those who enjoy challenging each other to various games.

You can even add an arcade game into the mix if you want your man cave to be extra special and unique compared to others because who doesn’t love playing old-school video games?


There are plenty of different types out there that aren’t too expensive, so I don’t think it has to break the bank for them to look cool and work well. A pinball machine is a fun idea if your man cave is large enough to fit one because it will provide hours of entertainment for you and your friends.

If you’re looking to add a pool table, then be sure that there is enough space around it before actually buying one because they can be pretty big, especially the full-size ones!


If possible, choose something that also acts as storage, such as a pool table with drawers underneath to keep all of your accessories neatly tucked away.

Another option is getting an air hockey or foosball table instead because those take up much less space and provide the same amount of fun!

A ping pong table is another idea for something that isn’t too big or bulky but will provide hours of entertainment with friends. They are cheap, compact, and easy to set up, so they’re a great option if you don’t have much space in your man cave.

Don’t forget about the dartboard! Darts are a great way to blow off steam and relax simultaneously, which is why they’re so popular in many man caves around the world. They aren’t too expensive or large either, so you can easily find one that fits well into your budget, as well as any space restrictions you have going on.

Be sure not to overcrowd things, though, because you’ll want some space for people to walk around and move freely without bumping into each other too often!

Put up shelves and some cool wall art.

Shelves can be a great way to display your favorite books, movies, games, and other things that you enjoy doing when relaxing at home.

Shop for shelves that are not too big or bulky but relatively lightweight since they will need to fit into the room without taking up much space.

Shelves will help you keep your man cave organized and clean so that nothing gets ruined or thrown out of place. 

You can get one that comes with a bar area if you want to have the option for people to grab drinks whenever they please! This will be helpful when hosting parties at home because it’s always more fun when everyone has access to their own refreshments without waiting for someone else all night long.

Wall art is a fantastic way to express your interests and hobbies.

Fill up storage shelves with things like books, games, glasses, cups, magazines, and other knickknacks that will add to the overall feel of your man cave.

If you have family pictures hanging up, make sure to include your kids there so they can grow with the décor.

It’s always good to keep things fresh and exciting by changing the art every once in a while. And if you’re feeling really inspired, don’t be afraid of painting something on the wall yourself! Your friends will admire your creativity for years to come. You could even paint an entire mural or landscape.

There are also wall decals that cover up empty space to make things feel less boring and much more fun than other cave caves without any kind of art or decorative pieces along the walls. They come in different shapes, colors, sizes, etc…so take advantage of those when decorating! Just be sure not to overcrowd them, though; otherwise, everything will blend together and become too crowded.

Make sure plenty of food and drinks are available – you never know when someone might stop by! 

Having some food and drinks available is always a good idea when people stop by unexpectedly.

If you’re planning on hosting parties in there, then be sure to stock up on beverages, snacks, appetizers, etc… so that everyone has something they can enjoy while hanging out.

Don’t forget the mini-fridge – nothing gets more awkward than being stuck somewhere where you have no access to soda or any other kind of beverage!


Having a mini-fridge available is always helpful so that people can relax and drink something if they please.

You could even get a keg instead to save money on all of those single cans or bottles everyone has been drinking from!

Relax and enjoy!

Finally, make sure to relax and enjoy yourself!

Having a man cave is always more fun if you actually get the chance to use it as intended. So be sure not to let all of these ideas overwhelm your mind, or things will never feel complete.

Instead, take them one by one at a time so that you have something done for each day until everyone can see what you’ve been working on there. It will be an amazing feeling once everything comes together, so don’t rush it!

Just be sure to take your time with everything to enjoy the moment of having something that is ultimately yours.


I hope you’ve found our ultimate guide to creating a man cave useful.

Now, it’s time for the final step of this process-putting your new sanctuary together!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide.

Feel free to share it with your friends and family, or comment below on what kind of “man cave” you would like to build!

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