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10 Little Things That Will Make Your Girlfriend Smile

There is nothing better than seeing your girlfriend smile. And if you’re looking for ways to make her do just that, we have some tips for you!

We’ve compiled ten things you can do to bring that smile out of her. These are all tried and true methods, so feel free to try them out on your girl tonight!

Also, don’t forget to work on your smile because when a girl sees you smiling, it will make her even more joyful.

How about we get the ball rolling with tip number one?

Make your girlfriend smile by telling her that she looks beautiful.

When she hears this, it will make her feel confident and appreciated. This is one of the best ways to get a girl smiling!

This can be said when you see her during the day or randomly. “Hey, I thought you looked beautiful today.” or “I just wanted to tell you that you look beautiful.”

It is important not to overdo this one, though. She will smile and laugh, so she won’t forget what you said, but don’t go overboard! 

Let’s move on to tip number two.

Do something spontaneous.

If you’re looking for ways to make a girl smile, this is the way to go! When she sees that you can have fun and be exciting without everything being planned out ahead of time, it will turn her on even more than if everything was perfect.

Spontaneity shows that things don’t always need to follow a schedule or plan because sometimes life happens, and having fun should come first rather than planning every detail.

This will show your girlfriend how much you care about making her happy over anything else…and isn’t it obvious by now? You want what’s best for her, so she smiles as often as possible, right? So do whatever makes her feel special, loved, safe, and comfortable.

Spontaneity means you don’t have to spend hours planning a date night; do something fun and see where the day takes you!

This is number two – so it’s time for tip number three now!

For this one, we want to discuss…

Compliment her to make her smile.

Complimenting your girlfriend or wife can be tricky because not all compliments are equal. So let’s go over what types of compliments will make her feel special and loved:

Girl Smiling
  • “You are so funny” is an excellent compliment because girls love to laugh, allowing you guys to connect on another level. If she knows that being able to have fun with you makes you happy, then she’s going to be even happier!
  • “Your cooking is amazing!” or “I am so proud of how hard you work.” Both these compliments show your girl that there are things in life besides looks, but instead personality traits as well.
  • And who doesn’t want their partner to show appreciation for them? Especially when they’re working hard at something- let them know what an inspiration they truly are!!
  • “I like how you smell” or “You always smell good.” This is another great compliment because it shows that you pay attention to small details. When a girl knows that you notice these things about them, they feel appreciated and loved beyond measure!
  • “You have the most beautiful eyes,” or “Your smile is so cute.” These compliments are super sweet because they show your girlfriend how much she means to you as an individual.

Everyone has their own characteristics – some good and bad, but when it comes down to it…she’s perfect for you, which makes her extraordinary in your book!

Now let’s move on to tip number four:

Don’t forget to smile.

When you smile, it forces your girlfriend or wife’s smile onto her face. Smiling is contagious, so smile as much as possible! It will make your girl want to smile and laugh with you.

I don’t think this one needs any more explanation than that…just smile!!

Let’s move on to another great way to make a girl smile by discussing step four…just kidding! This is tip number five!

This one is a little different because it’s all about…

The little things make a big difference.

Little things make a big difference sometimes, and that goes for smile-making too!

So let’s get into some examples of what I’m talking about:

Is she sick or not feeling well? Make her smile by doing the dishes, making dinner (or ordering takeout), cleaning up around the house, and tucking her into bed.

Or maybe she is just having a bad day at work…if this is the case, give your partner some extra attention in any way possible. This might mean giving them foot rubs after work, so their feet don’t hurt as much, or even coming home early from work, because it will make both of you smile, knowing that little things go such a long way!!

These are all great examples of what I’m talking about when it comes to the little things that can change someone’s smile.

Now for tip number six:

Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.


This one is important because, as humans, we feel the most comfortable around those who are just like us. 

If you want her to smile, then smile! If you feel like dancing or acting silly- do it because she will fall in love with your personality and the fact that you’re a goofy person.

Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself either when something goes wrong or if someone makes fun of how weird you are… laugh along with them, too, because laughing is one of the best ways to make each other smile!!

Let’s move on to number seven now:

In this tip, we’ll talk about situations where smiling might not happen as much as in others…

Smile at her on the difficult days.

Everyone has bad days, but they must smile even when it’s difficult. It will make you and your partner feel so much better if they know that the smile is still on your face no matter what life throws at you.

You can smile along with each other during the challenging moments because it shows how connected you are to one another- don’t ever forget this!

Tip number eight is all about beauty- so let’s get into it.

Give her flowers.

This tip isn’t necessarily something you have to do for her, but instead just one of those things that she’ll appreciate whether or not you’re around at the moment.

You don’t need to drop everything and run out in search of roses (unless that happens to be what makes your girl smile), but maybe buy some flowers on the way home from work with a cute note attached!

It doesn’t matter if they are red roses or white daisies because any flower is sure to make anyone smile!!

Let’s move on to tip number nine, which is all about smile-making…

…hmm, let’s see what this one is all about! Oh yes,…

Smile while talking to her on the phone.

I know that sometimes when we’re in a conversation with someone, it can be hard to smile at them because you’re not physically seeing them smile back at us, nor do they have any idea if you are smiling or frowning.

It’s kind of like being stuck in a bad mood without an escape from these feelings and emotions unless something changes, so smile as much as possible during your conversations; she will notice it!

We’ve reached tip number ten now:

This last piece of advice is pretty indirect…

Play with her hair while talking to her.

This is a subtle yet very romantic way of complimenting your girl.

I know it might sound weird, but there’s a reason why this works.

The subtle touch of your fingers moving through her hair or along the back of her neck is sure to make anyone smile…, especially girls!

This all goes back to our curiosity about how someone feels by simply touching them, so keep that in mind when you want to put a smile on your partner’s face!!

This is an example of what I’m talking about when it comes to little things making significant differences!

If you’re not a fan of cuddling but still want to show your girl your love, this one is perfect for you because it will make her smile without feeling too smothered!

Let’s move on with the conclusion


There are many ways to make your girlfriend smile whether or not they are in front of us.

The important thing here is that we always try our best every day and smile as much as possible just because we are thankful that the people in our lives exist.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a smile or laugh because even little things might seem small to some, but they’re big deals for everyone you love!!

Remember: little things go such a long way, so even if all else fails, never forget that smile-making comes second nature when we focus on making each other happy instead.

That was great! That concludes my blog post. Thanks for reading, and I hope you smile.