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How to Stand Out as a Man in a Crowded World

In this article, I will share some tips on how to stand out from the crowd as a man. It can be difficult in today’s world, where there is so much competition and noise. You need to find your way of being memorable and unique if you want to get ahead!

I will start by saying that there is no “one size fits all” when standing out.

Everyone’s personality, interests, and experiences are different. However, I believe you can learn some valuable strategies from other men to help yourself stand out better in your way!

So let’s get started with the first tip:

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Be excellent at what you choose to excel in!

When somebody looks back on their life so many years later, they usually remember who was great at something rather than just average. Choose one thing that really drives you and then become an expert — whether it is cooking, fixing cars, or computer programming. Do this well enough that people enjoy watching you work or interacting with you because of how good you are.


It’s cliché, but being exceptional at what you choose to excel in really does set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd.

If you’re a businessman, then be the absolute best salesperson out there! If you’re an athlete, then strive to become one of the fastest swimmers or highest jumpers around! Whatever it may be, you must strive to become the best at it!

You don’t have to go out of your way and do something wholly outlandish or bizarre. Just find what truly makes you happy, and then work on becoming the absolute BEST at it. It will set you up for success better than anything else can!

People remember the best!

Next, let’s talk about how to be memorable by being different:

Be yourself.

I know. It sounds obvious and cliché. But men often forget this point because they care so much about what others might think of them!

If you want to stand out as a man, then do something different, whether that means dressing differently or talking in a way that nobody else does. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, even if no one else is doing it!

You should NOT conform to the status quo just because everybody else does. Be different, be creative, and then people will remember you for that difference!

It can also feel like everybody is competing against each other in today’s world, so if this sounds familiar, relax and realize we all struggle with these feelings from time to time. So don’t fall into those same patterns — instead, stay true to who you really are and what makes your personality unique!

People love seeing a man release their true self in a way that is authentic and genuine.

They respect that much more than someone who tries to fit in with the status quo!

For example, I used to work with a group of very serious people all the time. There was never much laughter or joy in their meetings because they always took things so seriously.

But one day, this new guy started coming along, and he would say something funny at each meeting! It not only made everybody laugh, but it also lightened up the entire mood and created an environment where we could be our best selves — rather than just working on “the task” as usual. People will notice when you can release your true self like that — even if you didn’t intend for them to!

Next, let’s discuss how to stand out by being memorable when it comes to your appearance:

Pay attention to your personal grooming and fashion.

This includes making sure your hair is combed, your shirt tucked in, and your fingernails are clean.

People notice these things! It shows you care about yourself enough to make small changes that go a long way with others. So take the extra time needed beforehand to look your best.

Don’t wear the same outfit every single day, even if it is a simple one!


If you work in an office, then dress in a way appropriate for an interview with somebody higher up than you.

This will help you stand out as someone respectable and professional.

Even if other guys don’t do this, you can still stand out by doing it.

Another great way to make a fashion statement is through your accessories.

You don’t have to wear a necklace or bracelet all of the time — in fact, I highly recommend against that! But sometimes, wearing something like a watch or tie will make you stand out as somebody who pays attention to the small details that go into their appearance. 

Playing into this idea of being memorable through fashion, let’s talk next about how wearing nice clothing can help:

Buy clothes that look great on you, but not all at once. Spending some money on quality pieces feels fantastic because it will last longer than cheaper alternatives, so spending more upfront means saving over time as well. But buying one high-quality item each month is much better than buying five cheap ones that will fall apart within a year!

Spending the time to find those quality pieces and then wearing them often enough (not every single day, of course) will help you stand out as somebody who is always on their game with what they wear, and it can really pay off for your appearance. People notice when you look great, so don’t be afraid of spending more if it makes sense — but take care not to go overboard with any particular item either (i.e., over-accessorizing).

Most people will notice how you dress and take care of yourself before seeing anything else about you.

This is because first impressions count!

For example, I had a friend who always looked like he was ready for an important job interview, even when we were hanging out together in casual clothes. I remember thinking to myself how strange it seemed at the time — because nobody expects you to dress up all the time!

But later on, this habit helped him land his dream job. He worked hard at making sure his appearance matched the career he wanted, so when it came time to interview for that position, he got it!

People remember what you look like. So take care of yourself and pay attention to your personal grooming/fashion before anything else. It is not only powerful in getting people’s attention but also showing people you care about yourself and the impression you make on others as well!

The next thing to tackle is…

How to stand out by having a solid handshake.

You might not think you have a weak handshake, but chances are there is some room for improvement.

Think of it this way:

When you shake hands with somebody, they will perceive your grip as too soft or firm. So instead of trying to avoid the worst-case scenario by doing nothing at all — try going in the other direction and making your handshake as strong as possible.

This means when you shake somebody else’s hand, squeeze it with confidence and hold on to their hand for just a little bit longer than usual — but not to the point where it becomes awkward or uncomfortable for either one of you! Just make sure to stand up straight, look them in the eye (but don’t stare!), and smile when shaking hands. It will make the other person feel much better about meeting you.

Remember: people will remember your handshake for longer than they’ll remember what kind of car you drive or where you live!

So if there’s one thing never to overlook when trying to make a good impression on others — it is making sure your handshake leaves them with an excellent final memory of you.

When meeting somebody new, firmly shake their hand while making eye contact. A simple but firm handshake can go a long way when making sure people remember you for the right reasons.

Next, let’s discuss…

How to stand out in a crowd by smiling.

Imagine yourself in a crowded room full of people. Everyone is talking to each other, but nobody seems to be having much fun — because they’re all too busy comparing themselves with others around them!


Standing out from the crowd as a man means knowing how to make sure you are not one of those who look like this.

To avoid looking stiff and miserable while standing alone at an event, try smiling next time instead! Not only will it encourage conversation when meeting new people — but it also lets everyone else know that you don’t take yourself too seriously either.

So if somebody introduces themselves by saying “I’m so-and-so” with no smile on their face whatsoever, what kind of impression do you think they’ll leave on you?

The answer is obvious, don’t you think?

When you make it a point to smile while you are out in public, it will make other people smile back at you!

Make sure the smile you present is one of confidence—not one of awkwardness or discomfort.

If you’re not sure what a confident smile looks like, think of somebody doing something they love and making them happy. When you can see it in their eyes and on their faces, this is the kind of energy you want to be projecting.

Because standing out as a man means you are sure of yourself and not afraid to show it!

Take a look at different movie characters or sports players for role models on how to smile powerfully and attractively. Some examples are George Clooney, Simon Baker, Richard Gere, and Tom Brady (in his football days).

Remember, you are not trying to look like somebody who’s never smiled before… but instead portray yourself as someone with excellent taste!

People respond to smiles.

So if you want people to feel good about meeting and talking with you — show them your smile!

Practice in front of a mirror or ask somebody, “What do I look like when I’m smiling?” It might not come naturally at first, but it gets easier over time, so don’t give up!

Let’s talk about a related topic…

Your body language is essential.

Your body language has a more considerable impact than you might realize. So what do your arms and legs say about how confident you are?

Don’t be one of those men who looks stiff and uncomfortable by crossing their arms or legs. The only thing this communicates is you might not be comfortable in your surroundings.

If crossing your arms during a conversation makes you feel more secure, try keeping one arm down at your side with the other on your hip. This will still let people know that you are proud of your body and are not afraid to show it.

To look even more confident, try breaking up your “arm party” by interlacing your fingers behind your back. This is a great way to show off what kind of body you have and that you are an excellent multitasker! When it comes time to shake hands with somebody — this will be easy because both arms should already be down at your side and ready for anything!


Practice walking up straight, with your head held high and chin parallel to the ground. This will give you an air of confidence that not many others have!

Remember how being comfortable in one’s own skin can make all the difference when meeting new people? As a man who knows he looks his best standing tall and proud — people will see your confidence from across the room. You have nothing to worry about!

This is an excellent way of showing off how much you care for yourself and showing other people that you not only look good — but feel good too!

With practice, this can become second nature after a while, so don’t be discouraged if it takes time at first. Just keep practicing until it comes naturally to you—and soon enough, you’ll find ways to stand out as a man in your own right!

You’ll probably notice that this feels strange initially but becomes easier over time if practiced regularly. It takes practice because this is not a natural position for most people, but it’s important to remember that everybody in the room will practice their own poses.

Remember what we talked about earlier when it comes to smiling? It all applies here too!

So make sure that even if you’re not saying anything at first — smile anyway by making eye contact and nodding now and then so people feel like they have your undivided attention.

It will help break down barriers between strangers and acquaintances alike much sooner than usual because of the positive body language sent out in your direction.

Let’s move on…

The next thing we’re going to talk about is…

How to make sure people remember your voice.

Your voice is one of the easiest things to remember because it’s attached to your image and how you sound as a whole.

If you want people to remember your voice — make sure it’s clear and concise! You don’t want to mumble or speak too quickly. It’s good practice to slow down your words and take deep breaths in between every few sentences, so you don’t get out of breath…

You’ll come across as an excellent communicator who has nothing to hide if you do this on top of everything else we talked about.

So the first thing to remember is that it’s OK for your voice not to be perfect!

You can still come across as confident and successful by practicing some of these tips:

  • Smile when speaking on the phone or in person; this will make your voice sound more inviting.
  • Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose, not just with your chest.
  • Make sure that you’re speaking loudly enough so people can hear you clearly without straining to do so (especially if they are further away).
  • Be aware of your volume and tone.
  • Slow down… nobody expects you to speak at the speed of light.
  • Avoid using filler words like “um” or “ah.” This will make your sentences sound choppy instead.
  • Try speaking in a lower tone. People associate deep voices with being more attractive, so it’s an easy way for others to feel attracted to you!

If this seems complicated, you can also try recording yourself speaking to listen for these mistakes. Your friends and family are usually the best people to ask because they’re much more likely, to be honest with their feedback rather than just trying not to hurt your feelings!

Keep practicing improving your voice if it’s difficult at first because this will come naturally over time.

Take acting lessons, public speaking classes, and elocution classes if you want some additional help. This will teach you how to speak confidently, and your voice will become stronger as a result!

This is an excellent way of helping yourself become more comfortable when talking in front of people, and it also teaches you new skills along the way!  

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to standing out in a crowd… so let’s talk about another topic!

When you want to stand out as a man who brings value, be interested in others instead of yourself.

If there is one thing I can tell you that will help more than anything with making people feel good around you — it’s having an interest in them rather than only being concerned with how they see you or your agenda all the time.

Being interesting means doing something for somebody else without expecting anything back. Instead, think about what makes them happy and then go for it!

interested in others

The best way to practice this is by asking questions.

If you’re talking to somebody you’ve just met, ask them what they do for fun or who their favorite person is in the room. Ask about something which interests them!

Don’t just ask questions to have something interesting to say, be genuinely curious about other people’s lives and what makes them tick.

Ask them what they are passionate about, their goals for the future, or some other question that will help you build a rapport with each person you speak to.

Be genuinely interested in what others say and then follow up by asking something else related afterward!

The main reason you want to do this is that it makes people feel special.

People will remember you as being the guy who cared about them and their experiences instead of just being concerned with what you can get out of them.

If it’s difficult to focus on others when you’re nervous about speaking, then focus on yourself.

So make it a point that the next time you’re at a social gathering, be someone who brings value, not just by talking about yourself but instead by listening actively and asking some questions!

Next up, let’s talk about…

How to stand out by being a confident man, not an arrogant one.

Confidence is the ability to feel comfortable in your skin. It is self-assurance and has nothing to do with arrogance or conceit.

It makes you attractive; it also builds trust and respect from others.

Confident men naturally draw people toward them, making them more approachable than someone that lacks confidence.

Confidence isn’t about being loud or brash; rather, it is a quiet belief in yourself and your abilities that shows others you know what you are talking about—and they should listen to you.

Confident men stand up straighter with their shoulders back, walk briskly with purpose, make eye contact when speaking with someone else, and communicate clearly and directly.

They project the idea that they care for themselves enough to respect themselves and take responsibility for their actions; this makes them more trustworthy than those who lack confidence.

Most importantly: confident men present an image of effortless control over situations around them because they believe everything will turn out OK no matter how bad things get (because they are prepared).

This is a desirable trait.

Confidence, and the resulting respect from others around you, will help open many doors in life that would otherwise remain closed.

Confidence can be gained through action, not just words—it is found by doing as it is said. So get out there and start pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone!

People will love you for being yourself – so be yourself! Confident men know who they are: they don’t need approval from everyone around them – only those whose opinions matter (like family and close friends).

To stand out in this world, you must be confident.

There is a difference between being a confident man and acting arrogant.

Arrogant men try to put themselves above others, and they think their ideas are the only good ones.

Confident men know that everyone has something valuable to add, even if they don’t like first what is said.

When you find yourself in a situation where your ideas seem different from those of other people, try not to take them personally or let them get under your skin.

You will stand out by acting confident instead of arrogant when you show empathy towards other people’s opinions. You will stand out as a confident man by putting yourself in other people’s shoes and trying to see the world from their perspective.


Confidence comes with practice and experience, so don’t worry if you feel like your confidence may be rusty or needs some polishing up.

Confident men aren’t afraid of being themselves! They know that everything they do is fine as long as it makes them happy because happiness is all that matters in life! 

It makes you stand out from everyone else because it shows that you are secure about yourself and what you have done in your life so far.

Last but not least, let’s talk about your image…

Create a personal brand for yourself that is clean and well-defined.

A personal brand is like a unique identifier that sets you apart from everyone else.

This can be your name, logo, or association with some sort of good quality (like being the best plumber in the city, for example).

When you have established your personal brand and people can identify it quickly when they see or hear about it, you will be noticed.

personal brand

A strong personal brand can help open doors that might have been closed before because people were unsure what to expect from you.

Your brand will help convey that you are confident and trustworthy, two qualities that everyone wants in a friend or business colleague!

It should give people an idea about who you are and what makes you unique.

It will make others remember you more quickly than someone with no personal brand because it gives them something to associate your name/face with!

This may sound daunting, but creating a personal brand doesn’t have to be a lengthy process; think about your strengths and identify which ones would attract people if they knew about them!

For example, Some men might go for their sense of humor while others could choose confidence. When choosing one to focus on when building a personal brand, find a way to combine it with your name so that this single trait can always identify you.

In the end, a solid personal brand will make you stand out from the crowd!

Be sure to read our blog post on How to Create Your Personal Brand in 10 Steps for more information on personal branding!


When you’re trying to stand out in an increasingly crowded world, it can be difficult.

No matter who you are or what your goals may be, this article provided some insight into making yourself more memorable and successful.

We hope these tips help! Comment below with any questions about the article or other ideas for making oneself stand out from the crowd.