10 Reasons Why You Should Always Be on Time

Written by MARCELLA RASKIN April 28, 2022

When you’re on time, it shows that you think other people are important and that their time is worth respecting. It conveys that you’re considerate and organized—both valuable traits.

It shows that you respect other people’s time.

It makes you look more professional.

If you're usually on time, you know how to manage your time and get things done. It may also imply that you have a more responsible personality, which companies seek for when recruiting! People who are always on time appear more professional than those who are not. There's an old saying that "the first impression is the most important."

Being on time also shows that you’re dependable.

People will be more inclined to seek for your assistance in other areas if they know they can always count on you—which means you'll have the chance to impress them even more! And this will make it easy for people to trust and rely on you.

...and can manage your time well

It shows that you’re organized...

Being late is disrespectful

If you're always late, it's probably because you don't value other people's time sufficiently. This is a bad habit to have, and it may cost you a lot of connections in the long term.

If you’re late, it throws everyone else off schedule.

When you're late, it's not just the person who is waiting for you that suffers. People who are scheduled after you must also modify their plans, which may be highly inconvenient and a waste of time. This isn't fair to them, and it doesn't make for a particularly pleasant day.

Being on time means that you don’t have to rush

Lateness can cause missed opportunities and lost business deals

People will begin to question your capacity to complete tasks on time if you are consistently late, which could result in missed opportunities or even lost business transactions.

You’ll have more time to enjoy yourself and relax

It sets a good example for your children.