reinvent yourself

10 Secrets to Re-invent Yourself

For many guys, life goes on as normal. We get up, go to work, come home and do the same thing over again. But why not shake things up? Why not try something new? If you’re looking for an idea of how to reinvent yourself, then look no further! I have 10 secrets that will help you re-invent yourself in a way that is fun and interesting—something worth living for!

open minded

How to Be More Open-Minded

Being open-minded is a great way to grow as a person. It allows you to learn new things and also helps you become more tolerant of others. You don’t have to agree with everything someone says, but it’s always good to be accepting of other people’s views; maybe they’ll even influence your own opinions!

thriving life

10 Tips for a Thriving Life

The world is a tough place for men. We are expected to be strong, Stoic and brave in the face of adversity. But it is hard to be all those things when we feel weak, broken or lost. Here are ten tips on how you can make your life as a man thrive!

Emotional Intelligence

Man’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence

Feelings. As a man, you’re taught to hide them and not deal with them. Well, it’s time to change that mentality because emotional intelligence is the key to success! Don’t be afraid of emotions- embrace them and use your newfound knowledge for good. Read on for all the ways you can become more emotionally intelligent as a man.

Great Habits Every Man Should Try Today

Great Habits Every Man Should Have

A man’s life is an open book. The mirrors are always showing the reflection of who he is. He needs to be mindful that what he does will affect himself and those around him, for better or worse. Here are some great habits every man should try to become a better person and live a more fulfilling life.

men without hobbies

Men Without Hobbies: Where to start

It is not uncommon for people to have hobbies. The more time we spend doing things that interest us, the happier we are. The problem with many adults today is that they do not have any hobbies and this leads them to often feel unhappy and unfulfilled. This blog post will discuss why it’s important for adults to find a hobby and how it can help improve their lives.

confident man

How to Be a Confident Man: Tips and Tricks for Boosting Self-Esteem

The skills that make a confident man are not always the same as those which make for an accomplished man. Getting good at what you do is important, but it’s not the only thing. You have to know how to communicate with others in order to be successful, and there are many other skills necessary for success. This blog post will detail 10 essential skills for a confident man so that you can work on them today!

man reading book

The 10 Most Inspiring Books for Men

I know that you’re a busy man. You have a lot on your plate, and more than enough to keep yourself busy throughout the day. But what about reading? Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It helps us learn new things, expand our understanding of the world around us, and just relax with an engaging story or poem after a long day at work. The problem for some men is figuring out which books they should read first! Well I’ve got 10 suggestions for great books that will inspire you to be your best self – right now!

10 Ways to Know What You Want in Life

10 Ways to Know What You Want in Life

“Do you ever feel lost in your life? Like there is something missing but you’re not sure what it is?” “Do you have a hard time figuring out what to do with your free time or how to spend the rest of your life?” If so, this blog post can help. In this article, I’ll be outlining 10 ways that will show you how to know what you want in life and get on track for success.