Month: November 2021

open minded

How to Be More Open-Minded

Being open-minded is a great way to grow as a person. It allows you to learn new things and also helps you become more tolerant of others. You don’t have to agree with everything someone says, but it’s always good to be accepting of other people’s views; maybe they’ll even influence your own opinions!

thriving life

10 Tips for a Thriving Life

The world is a tough place for men. We are expected to be strong, Stoic and brave in the face of adversity. But it is hard to be all those things when we feel weak, broken or lost. Here are ten tips on how you can make your life as a man thrive!

10 Great Self Employment Tips

10 Great Self-Employment Tips

Starting a business can be a great way to make money, but it requires hard work and dedication. Sometimes the self-employment life isn’t for everyone – that’s why you should always have a backup plan in case things don’t go as planned. With these 10 great tips, you’ll learn how to start your own successful business!